they like crickets to me.

"everyday, i wake up and tell myself.. I was Made to BE GREATER" -brian puspos ♥


do u ever feel like screaming ‘fuck you’ to your family members but you can’t so you just keep the anger inside and complain on your blog

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What if.


What if i never liked you.
What if i never missed you.
What if i never thought of you.
What if you weren’t in my head 24/7.
What if we never texted.
What if we never spoke.
What if we never met?
Would i have been happy?

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Regular old phones : (drops on concrete at 50 miles per hour ) *slightly cracks*
Android : (drops on concrete floor) *slightly cracks)
iPhones: (drops on carpet floor) *shatters , self destructs , explodes , falls into another dimension , becomes pregnant , turns into a cow

Those who are heartless, once cared too much.

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one time this dude was being stupid so i said

“well you can’t spell stupid without u”

and he got really angry and shouted


and i just stared at him for a rly long time

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